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Let There Be Light: Interior Design Students Participate in Lighting Workshop at Philips in Somerset

Taylor Kline, Stephanie Peralta and Pamela Jablonski shed some light on the subject.

Daniel Blitzer, principal of The Practical Lighting Workshop LLC—a small organization that offers strategy, marketing, communications and training services to the lighting industry—and principal faculty at the Philips Lighting Application Center, provided guided instruction to a group of second year interior design students from the School of Art + Design at Philips’ U.S. headquarters in Somerset March 27.

This marked the fifth consecutive year that students in the building and interior systems class taught by senior university lecturer David Brothers have been hosted by Philips Lighting, a part of Netherlands-based Koninklijke Philips N.V.

Following general instruction about light sources that focused on a combination of LED, incandescent/halogen, HID and fluorescent lamps, students performed a series of exercises measuring quantity of light and evaluating the effectiveness of different light sources and color temperatures in color rendition and then comparing qualitative observations with CRI standards.

Lighting application case studies, which ranged from grocery and retail to hospitality, were investigated in the Application Center—and a series of lighting design tasks were undertaken by the students using the facilities and materials made available to them. Detailed study of new generation LED lamps included discussion of lamp construction, heat management, lighting controls and luminaire design for LED lighting.