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Richard A Foulds

Richard Foulds, PhD, is an associate professor and associate chair for research in the department of biomedical engineering at NJIT. His research interests include neuromuscular/rehabilitation engineering; neural control of human movement; machine recognition of human gesture; gesture dynamics; telemanipulation; haptic and kinesthetic systems; multimodal human/machine interaction; and mechatronics.

Foulds, who is a prominent figure in the emerging field of biomedical engineering, has pioneered a new way to educate engineers known as the studio method, in which professors teach the fundamentals of engineering not by theoretical lecture and dry recitation but by active learning. Using the studio method, a professor starts class with a mini-lecture that touches upon the assigned reading. The lecture is followed by in-class studio exercises. 

His innovative teaching has not gone unnoticed. The NJIT Student Senate recently named him Teacher of the Year. In addition, he is a Founding Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering and a Fellow of the Rehabilitation Engineering Society of America. 

Foulds was so pleased with having introduced the studio method to NJIT that he, along with two colleagues, published a paper, “Integrated Biomedical Engineering Education Using Studio-Based Learning,” in the August 2003 issue of IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine.

He received his PhD, MS and BS degrees from Tufts University.

Topics: biomedical engineering, neuromuscular engineering, gesture dynamics, telemanipulation, mechatronics