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NJIT continues to advocate for the greater inclusion and representation of women and people of color in tech sectors. >>
On March 12, the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and the Murray Center for Women in Technology hosted the final showcase of their First Annual Female Research Showcase and Oral Presentation Workshop. The goal of this series of events was twofold: to highlight research done by undergraduate and graduate female researchers at NJIT and to provide them with detailed critiques (from evaluators outside their fields) that they can use to improve their oral presentation skills. >>

FEMA Reps Visit NJIT

April 10, 2013
The New Jersey designated Joint Field Office (JFO) of FEMA had reached out to the BEOC Alliance at NJIT to conduct a two-day information based seminar and discussion platform on campus in March for students interested in registering for the national service.  >>
NJIT's Michael Chumer has been hard at work since Sandy struck, helping hard-hit area urbanites cope with devastation.  Chumer, who has worked on homeland security projects and directs the NJIT MS in Emergency Management and Business Continuity (EMBC) program, is familiar with relief efforts.  >>