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2014 - 2 stories
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Preventing bone deterioration is a critical aspect of combating osteoporosis, improving bone implants, and even making long-term space flight possible, such as voyages to Mars and beyond. On April 9, noted biomedical researcher Stephen C. Cowin will describe a promising model for studying nutrient transport from the vascular system to bone tissue, transport that has a direct bearing on the prevention of bone loss. >>
On March 12, Kit Windows-Yule will give a lecture entitled "When Size Doesn't Matter - Density and Inelasticity-Induced Segregation in Vibrated Granular Systems" as part of the Spring 2014 Granular and Multiphase Flows Colloquium series under the sponsorship of the Granular Science Laboratory through Elsevier. >>
Sia Nemat-Nasser, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Mechanics and Materials at the UC-San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering, will discuss "Managing Stress Waves over Multi-Frequencies by Micro-Architectural Design of Materials" on April 18, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. in the Guttenberg Information Technologies Center Rm. 3730. >>